Site-search relevancy

Help shoppers find the right product in one click
A typical visitor sees 1% to 5% of your products. Her attention span is like a goldfish. Her purchase decisions depend on her seeing the right products. The right product discovery journey starts with your internal search results and sort order. Etail Labs addresses this opportunity to convert more. Etail Labs analyses your sort order and helps you prioritize the product pages. It’s based on factors like conversion rates (browse-to-buy ratio), relevancy based on past purchases and size selection of the customer.

We also significantly improve the search relevancy rates by indexing product titles, category tagging, descriptions, spelling auto-corrects, synonyms, abstract searches, custom keyword tags, label variants, and auto-complete suggestions.

What search irrelevancy looks like?

I was shopping for 'mens white full sleeve shirt' for a meeting. It’s a leading US eCommerce site.
I can’t imagine walking into my meeting dressed in any one of those.


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