AI-based SKU de-duplication

Remove duplicates from your item master and save money.
Duplicate SKUs in Item Master is a huge problem for many companies. Etail Labs uses an AI-powered solution that uses advanced algorithms to automatically de-dupe your duplicate SKUs.

How critical is this problem?

  • Duplicate SKUs cause revenue loss
  • Makes analytics incorrect
  • Incorrect re-orders. Excess Inventory
  • Incorrect shipments. Higher logistics cost.

What creates duplicates?

  • Same SKU# for all product variants
  • Listing duplication in marketplaces
  • Incorrect item creation
  • Unverified item creation


Using its AI-powered SKUnique system, Etail Labs can de-duplicate your current item master as an one-time project.

Etail Labs uses a powerful AI/ML based engine that processes thousands of product data records at a time to scan for duplicates. Data cleansing team corrects the scanned data and ensures duplicates are removed.

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