Content richness transforms customer experience for a leading electronics retailer - part of a $3 billion enterprise.

Etail Labs has consistently delivered this value.

Etail Labs delivered value to this eCommerce retailer by

  • Ensuring its original product content has SEO keywords
  • Captivating visitors with attractive descriptions
  • Ensuring product pictures were tagged for SEO value
  • Offering insights into how competition priced their products

One goal - “let’s not lose the chance to sell to every visitor we have spent money on attracting to our site.”

Why Etail Labs?

Companies spend a lot of money buying catalogs from syndicators. But this online retailer won by making his content distinct and SEO rich. Many times for all the custom content we deliver, customers pay an equivalent of a CPC on a few clicks.

This retailer realized his catalog is the most precious asset in his entire business. When he spent $1+ per click to attract a visitor, 2-3% conversion is not going to cut it. Etail Labs partnered in creating a rich catalog with descriptions written keeping customers in mind.

Private Labels: When private label products did not have manufacturer descriptions, Etail Labs used multiple ways including visuals to write content.

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