Etail Labs role in eCommerce transformation of a $7 billion retail giant operating in 22 countries.

Digital retail is not an option anymore for brick and mortar. This $7 billion brick and mortar retailer with 2300 stores, transformed digital by blurring the line between commerce and content.

Brass tacks, Etail Labs supports them from India on:

  • Writing original product description copies
  • Structured titles
  • As many product attributes as can be collected
  • As many product images as can be collected and edited

One goal - “let’s not lose the chance to sell to every visitor we have spent money on attracting to our site.”

Why Etail Labs?

When a leading E-commerce company decides to work with us, they

  • Discovered our capabilities better than others
  • Liked our turnaround time
  • Liked our systems, processes and ability to communicate better
  • Found our pricing reasonable

When they decided to renew our engagement year after year, they

  • Valued our consistency
  • Liked our commitment, teams and attitude
  • Saw us go an extra-mile at every opportunity

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