Enrich Top Selling Products to Increase Shopping Season Sales

Shopping season is approaching. Do you still have products that do not have a product page in your e-commerce store? We can help you.

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3 actions you must take now to boost your sales. We can get it done.


1. Bring All Products Online

Do you have products still not online? Your site visitors must see all your products. Assortment matters. Do not leave dollars on the table.

Onboard all your products as an E-commerce catalog with descriptions, images and mandatory attributes. All done in the shortest time possible ready to go live for Cyber Monday.

For instance, Etail Labs attributed 104,000 SKUs in 3 months using Machine Learning and Agents for an Apparels and Fashion etailer in the US for this shopping season.


2. Enrich Top Selling Products

Sell more of your top selling SKUs. Top selling SKUs drive over 80% of your sales. Nothing else matters.

Enrich your top selling SKUs with persuasive descriptions, alluring images and comprehensive attributes. They are the movers and shakers. Give it the treatment it deserves for Cyber Monday frenzy.

For instance, For a UK-based Online Retailer, Etail Labs completed:

  • 1. Writing 22,000 Product Descriptions in 45 days.
  • 2. Collecting and Cleaning 6600+ Product Images in 31 days.


3. Audit and Fix Product Pages

Incorrect or Inadequate data = loss of customers. Period.

Fix content issues in your site such as missing images, incorrect pricing, wrong combos, misleading product data, incorrect shipping terms, etc. We configure and run our audit algorithms to find and fix these issues.

For instance, Etail Labs QC audited and corrected 200,000 product pages for a leading US-based electronics online retailer.

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