Online Catalogs

Visitors to Buyers

You spend quite some money on search, display, email and social media ad campaigns to reach bazillions of potential customers. The terrestrial roadmap to converting these browsers into buyers, lies in your catalogs. Your e-commerce catalogs must remain to be the highest quality, visually alluring, presentable products, appealing to your customer’s aspirational lifestyle and also create brand loyalty. That’s why online retailers create their own catalogs. At the Labs our core competency is Customer engaging catalog and content creation.

Your catalog is your digital asset. Create the way your customers
love it. It’s easy, fast and SEO-ready.

Customers look for experiences. We exclusively build catalogs for you that create experiences, rich in content, comprehensive in attributes, personalized, yet we deliver quickly using our in-house technology. Making a 5 to 20% improvement on your catalog content coverage and quality can double the chances of conversion.

Focus on your top performing SKUs. Keep it simple for tail-end products.

It’s wise to not treat a top-of-the-chart $165 Nike Air Jordon 3 and an unheard of $13 Starter Men’s the same way in terms of content creation. We keep the page style flowing through all products – Product Title structure, Image size, Mandatory Feature list, UPC/MPN numbers and such. However, we go the whole nine yards on your top sellers including SEO-friendly Descriptions, Comprehensive list of Attributes, Best possible Images and Product Videos, and User Reviews among others. For easy reference, we call them a SEO-Catalog (the caramel macchiato version),Rich Catalog (the skinny macchiato version) and Basic Catalog (the house blend version). This way, we ensure your catalog creates maximum impact at minimum investment levels.