SEO Catalog

Well, we at The Labs take your top selling SKUs – usually the top 20%, and builds a “SEO Product Catalog” with the coverage of a Rich Catalog, also making it SEO-friendly. While this is the Caramel Macchiato of Catalogs, the Rich Catalog is your Skinny Macchiato.

Rich Catalog

Products that are neither your Long Tails nor the Top Sellers, usually belong to 30% of your SKUs. For this reason, you will need a “Rich Catalog”. Rich Catalog is a Comprehensive Structured product data with Engaging Descriptions, Specifications, Pictures and Reviews.

Basic Catalog

The Long Tail SKUs are your sell “less of more” products. It’s your profit machines and niche products. Long Tail SKUs complete your customer’s needs. The kind of catalog content they need are precise and essential data which is the “Basic Catalog”.

Empowering E-Commerce

At the Labs, we believe in contributing to the online retailer community by empowering them with what we are good at, dealing with product data. Our team members have worked on product data projects for top companies like Amazon®, Google®, eBay® and Walmart.com® among others. When we apply our experience to your challenges, you get a catalog quality, coverage and commitment that is unparalleled in the industry.

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